What’s Etsy Plus – Pricing & Benefits

What's Etsy Plus?

Etsy Plus is an innovative program designed to help sellers grow their businesses. It provides tools to set you apart from the competition and get you started. Etsy Plus features store listing and Etsy Ads credits, access to personalized web address discounts, restocking requests, advanced store customization, and more.

Etsy Plus Benefits

2.1 A custom domain

A custom web address, or domain, can make it easier for potential clients worldwide to look specifically for your shop.

When you purchase a web address or domain, your shop on Etsy.com makes finding the site much easier and helps build your brand (e.g., www.yourshopname.com). The URL is redirected to your online store where customers can find all of their favorite items with just one click! Now that’s convenient! You’ll also be able to use this custom Hover Domain anywhere from business cards at events to signage to share everywhere else you’d like such as social media posts and more!

2.2 Restock requests

Sellers subscribed to Etsy Plus have the ability to turn on restock requests for their listings. When a listing or listing variation is sold out, shoppers can request an email notification when it’s back in stock so they don’t miss out again!

2.3 Advanced shop customization

Advanced Shop Customization features a new layout option for listing items, multiple banner options, and so much more!

To keep your shop fresh and updated, you can edit its design. This includes uploading new graphics to show off specific listings or sections – giving buyers a preview before they swipe for more information on each product page.

2.4 Access to Discounts and perks

Etsy Plus offers discounted shipping boxes and other perks to those located in the US, Canada, European Union, or the United Kingdom. To access these discounts log into your Etsy account > Shop Manager > Settings > Your Subscriptions > Discounts & Perks which can be found at the top right of the Subscription page.

2.5 Business cards and other printables

Etsy Plus subscribers can take advantage of a 30% discount for Moo, an online print and design company. With this offer, you’ll have access to customizable business cards or other promotional materials as well. To get your discounted price just go to Shop Manager > Settings > Your Subscriptions > Discounts & Perks where the link is located on the top right corner of the page next to “current discounts” tab which will lead you straight into that section.

3. Etsy Plus Fees

So what is the difference between Etsy standard and Etsy plus in terms of pricing?

Most sellers don’t realize that there are two different pricing options on Etsy. Standard and Plus.

Etsy Standard – Available to all sellers at no additional monthly cost. This is the default for all sellers.

For Etsy Plus – you’ll be charged USD $10/month with an immediate fee applied to your statement as soon as you sign up for this plan; these are billed monthly and will normally bill on the same calendar day each month if you remain subscribed (e.g., if signed up in July, they would typically charge again in August).