100 Top shops on Etsy - Top sellers

Top Etsy Sellers

This page is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the leading shops on Etsy, ranked based on their sales performance. Here, you'll find a curated list of top-performing shops, showcasing their essential statistics and details. Our goal is to give you a deeper insight into what makes these shops successful, whether you’re an Etsy enthusiast, a seller looking for inspiration, or just curious about the marketplace trends.

Features of the Top Etsy Shops Dashboard:

Top Shops by Sales:

The page displays a list of the top Etsy shops, ranked by the number of sales. This helps you quickly identify the most successful shops on the platform. Basic Shop Information:

For each shop, you'll see a snapshot of key details including the shop name, and an avatar. This gives you an immediate visual cue about the shop’s branding and aesthetic.

You can also see important metrics such as the number of active listings, total sales, review count, average rating, and number of favorers. This information provides a quick overview of the shop’s activity and popularity.

How to Use:

By clicking on a shop’s name, you can access a full report that includes a more detailed breakdown of the shop’s listings, customer reviews, and other critical metrics. This detailed report is perfect for those who want to dive deeper into a shop’s performance and offerings. Additionally, clicking anywhere on the shop's card will open a panel with more specific information about that shop. Export Shop Data:

For those who need to analyze the data further or keep a record, there is an option to export the shop’s information as a CSV file. This feature is especially useful for business analysis, market research, or keeping track of competitors.

The dashboard fetches the latest data from the Etsy marketplace, ensuring that the information you see is up-to-date and reflects the current performance of the shops.

If you want to keep a record or analyze the data, use the “Export as CSV” button. This will download a file containing the shop’s details, which you can then open in any spreadsheet software for further analysis.


This dashboard is your gateway to understanding the top players in the Etsy marketplace. Whether you are looking for inspiration, conducting market research, or just exploring, the Top Etsy Shops Dashboard provides you with all the necessary tools and information. Happy browsing, and may you find the insights you’re looking for!