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One of the best ways to boost your Etsy shop is by using favorites.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your Etsy shop, adding favorites is the perfect solution. Favorites are how other users can share their favorite products with others on the site as well as add items directly to one’s watchlist.

Having more favorites can actually help when it comes to SEO because there is more activity on your shop than the others. Favorites add to your item weighting in the search algorithm which means that if one listing has 100 favorites next to its name then people will see it come up higher in searches compared to similar listings!

Favorites also add weighting to your item search algorithm and this is why it will appear higher than before!

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To get started, just enter the name or the address of your Etsy shop. After that, you’ll be taken through a few simple steps where you can set the number of favorites you want to add to each listing.

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Plusfavorites is a small team of social media & SEO specialists who have been helping Etsy sellers increase their sales and visibility since 2020. Our ultimate goal is to help sellers sell the most of their inventory, grow their business, and achieve success.