Do your Etsy shop favorites matter?

Do your Etsy shop favorites matter?

The answer is “yes”. This blog post will go into the topics of Etsy favorites, whether or not they help with SEO, and how to use them.

Do you know if your favorite items are helping or hurting in the search rankings? It is important to understand how this works both for buyers and sellers. Buyers will love to find their favorite products with a simple click of a button, which means they don’t have to spend time scrolling through product categories while searching. For sellers, however, it can be beneficial because popular products tend to rank higher on searches than unpopular ones. This could give them more exposure when potential customers use different keywords in their searches! So do your favorites matter after all? Yes! A little bit of extra work now can mean big results later – so start getting more favorites today!

Etsy favorites are a way of reordering items in your shop, and they’re also an easy way to share the things you love with others.

Having more favorites can actually help when it comes to SEO because there is more activity on your shop than the others.

Favorites add to your item weighting in the search algorithm. You’ll find items with lots of favorites that are otherwise identical to your other listings and appear consistently higher in search results.

Items with lots of favorites (even if they’re otherwise identical) appear consistently higher in the search results.

This is based on our team’s extensive testing and research.

3 Reasons to buy more Etsy favorites:


If you want your items seen by more people, then Etsy Favorites is perfect because it helps to push your listing through the platform, which increases views on those specific listings while also making sure they are relevant in searches. It’s amazing when someone favorites one of my listings as well, so I know there will be another chance to get my item out front during a search related to my product.